9 Things MEN Don’t Find Attractive in WOMEN

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We can agree that both men and women find these things unpleasant.

1. Showing a lot of skin Although many women (and men) have the misconception that if you show more skin, you look sexier, but this is simply not true. The more skin you show, the more desperate you look.

2. Having a dirty mouth Constant cursing is unattractive. It may come as a surprise, but bad language is not considered a sign of rebellion or leadership. Instead, it sounds rude, vulgar, and shows a lack of sophistication – the love of your life prefers to pass all these qualities.

3. Talking badly about your family It doesn’t appeal to anyone to talk about your mother saying crazy things and never understanding anything, or your brother being an idiot. Say nice things about people around you to attract your mate.

4. Being too sensitive in public There’s a big difference between a nice kiss in the park and making out in public. It’s obvious that a couple in love will kiss in public, but there are things that happen behind the scenes.

5. Lack of hygiene Sure, but bad breath, dry lips, unbrushed teeth, dirty hair, long nails, body odor, dirty or wrinkled clothes, and a bad beard are all bad ideas if you want to keep your mate.

6. Flirting with someone else in front of your date If you’re with someone, don’t expect your partner to respect you if you decide to seek someone else’s attention. No one wants to be a partner with wandering eyes.

7. Fighting in public It’s not attractive to lose control of your temper and get angry in public for any reason. In general, temper tantrums are not what most people are looking for in a partner.

8. Only have friends of the opposite sex It might give the wrong impression to the person you like.

9. Wearing too many accessories Both men and women can be over-decorated, which is not a very attractive look. Don’t let crazy clothes, wild hair, and jewelry distract from your true beauty and personality.

10. Lack of confidence There is nothing more boring or frustrating than being with a woman or man who needs your constant reassurance. Instead, confidence will be your favorite trait in your future partner.

11. Being overly emotional Too much crying, laughing, or other emotions don’t look good on anyone. Holding on to these emotions has the potential to drive others away, especially when those emotions are clearly repressed.

12. Drama with love If everything you experience sounds like a soap opera, potential dates and friends will generally learn to avoid you. These dramatic interactions are mentally and emotionally exhausting.

13. Spending money If you have the money to live full of fancy toys and expensive vacations, go for it. But if you’re just pretending to have money, you’re going to have a hard time finding a man or woman who wants to be with you.

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