What Does Your Sitting Position Reveal About Your Personality?

Sitting Posture Personality Test: Do you sit with your knees straight? Dislocate the knee? Sprained ankle? Crossed legs? Or four-legged locks? Male and female readers, find out what your posture says about your personality and the people you know!

Sitting Posture Personality Test: In our previous personality tests, we looked at personality traits like nose shape, sleeping position, favorite coffee, walking style, and more. Today we’re back with another personality test that will show you what your sitting posture says about you.

Behavioral studies conducted by experts have found that the position of the feet is an indicator of personality. Yes, our legs and feet give us an idea of our personality. According to experts, the feet are based on commands sent by our subconscious mind, which can move in the direction we want, or move away in times of danger or negative emotions, such as panic, anxiety, sadness, or insecurity.

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