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What are panty pockets for?
Women’s clothing often ignores the incredibly useful feature of pockets. We’ve all had the experience of trying to figure out what can fit in the little pocket of our favorite pair of jeans. And everyone likes to show off their new dress to add, “It’s got pockets, too.”

In the search for our pockets, some of us have come across one in the most unexpected places: our underpants. But what are women’s underwear pockets for?

Why do women’s underwear have pockets?
A small pocket in your panties may seem like the perfect size for lipstick, credit cards, or wireless headphones, but it’s definitely not designed for storage.

The reason for the pocket is simple: In the hem of the panty, there’s a small piece of extra fabric, or so-called gusset, that provides support, breathability, and moisture absorption. When sewing panty sleeves, only one side is sewn, leaving a small pocket in your sensitive area.

The little pocket itself doesn’t play a major role, but the fork certainly does. A small patch of extra fabric improves underwear hygiene and comfort, keeping moisture away and providing softness where it’s needed most. Whether you’re sleeping in your underwear or hanging out all day.

Now that you know more about the not-so-secret pockets in your panties, read on for a few tips to up your underwear game.

5 tips to improve your underwear
You already know that panty pockets have your back for hygiene and comfort. But if your underwear drawer is feeling a little dated, try some of these tips.

Explore different styles
Find the perfect pair of panties for any occasion. Break away from your familiar style and try different pairings with different outfits and capes.

Find the perfect fabric
For better or worse, your panties will stick to you, but choose smart fabrics that are cool, soft, and lightweight so they don’t stick.

Choose comfort and style over one or the other
You don’t have to choose between comfort and style: the best panties should fit well and feel great.

Don’t settle for “just”.
Underwear isn’t usually the focus of your day, but if you’re dealing with chafing, chafing, and rough fabric, you might not be able to think about anything else. Make sure you don’t worry about the basics in your underwear drawer.

Treat your panties like they treat you
Once you have a great underwear drawer, you’ll want to wash and dry your panties to keep them looking fresh and lasting. And don’t forget to try eco-friendly laundry options to improve your green cleaning routine.

Looking for my next pair of panties
A small pocket inside your panties helps with hygiene, but a good pair of panties offers so much more: style, comfort, and fit. When you’re looking for the right panties for any occasion, think carefully about what exactly you need to feel good. Cotton underwear is soft and breathable, while other fabrics may not show through. No matter what you’re looking for, the right pair is waiting for you – elegant, of course.

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