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Do you want to save some serious money? We bring you the best lifehack guide. From DIY products to meal prep tips, here are some of our favorite ways to save money that will make a big impact on your wallet.

A Life Hack That Saved You a Ton of Money Someone recently asked on Reddit, “What’s a life hack that saved you a ton of money?” The answers are the best life hacks and best frugal tips we could find.

These are some of the answers.

Super glue and baking soda
“When baking soda is dusted over superglue, it hardens almost instantly, filling cracks, dents and holes, and becomes a resin-like substance that can be painted or sanded. “It saves torn plastic bags, shoe soles, car covers and even glass chips,” wrote one person.

This is useful to know! This is a random but very useful life hack!

A yard sale in the right place
“Only rich neighborhoods are going to have a yard sale,” wrote one person. Another said, “Amen to that. And in a nice neighborhood next to a rich neighborhood, there are new clothes from expensive brands.”

Buying second-hand is the way to go, and thrift stores and yard sales are great places to find great finds. Some neighborhoods and areas have good sales, so look for places to shop.

Use the library
“Use books, CDs, DVDs, and now audiobooks from the library.” someone wrote.

Another enthusiastically commented, “IF I HAD TO DO IT AGAIN I WOULD GO TO YOUR PUBLIC LIBRARY AND GET A f**** LIBRARY CARD!! Ask your librarians what services they provide, it’s always so much more than you think!” ! Most are notaries, have tax forms and classes, tons of online resources, local attractions, museum tickets, free classes; mine has a 3D printer!”

One person said, “YouTube has a video for everything. “I’ve fixed mine and my wife’s car countless times just by watching it on YouTube.”

Being able to DIY and repair yourself can save you a lot of money and is one of the best life hacks to save money.

Check the unit price
“Check price per kg instead of displayed price. “The price per kilogram is the real price,” one person shared.

Always check the unit price to see how much you’re spending.

Cheap phones
“Bought a sim and activation card from Walgreens for my phone. Service called Net10. Dropped from $98 a month to $21 a month for service,” someone wrote.

Another person added, “Looking for a real old-school cheap way to get cell service…TracFone. You can BYOP to save money, or buy a phone on Amazon (or buy them yourself from TracFone). previously bought a Samsun Galaxy A20 for $120; not a super fancy phone, but it does what I need it to do.”

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