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There has been a worldwide trend of who has the best eyebrows, and many people try their best to make them look their best. The problem with this is that instead of making your brows look good, they make them look worse. Here are some funny eyebrow grooming mistakes.

  1. Double eyebrows

This is the woman who thought it would look cool to create a “double eyebrow” herself. To be honest, she manages to make herself look scary instead, so we realize that black isn’t pretty.

  1. Pointy eyebrows
    We don’t know where she got the idea for this type of eyebrow. Not only does it look ugly, but the eyebrows still look like they’re not good enough, and I’m still not sure if it looks good or not.
  2. Eyebrows
    This lady’s brows must be fond of bamboo kittens. We don’t understand why anyone draws their eyebrows like this. Maybe it’s just for fun and nothing else. Too bad no one could tell what he looked like.
  3. Straight line of eyebrows
    We used to think that we would only see this type of eyebrow in cartoons, but thanks to this lady, we can see how it looks on a real person.
  4. Running eyebrows
    It’s weird to look at that eyebrow. He seems to have taken on a form of eternal rage. It’s one of those eyebrows that stretches across the forehead in a unique way and is distracting.
  5. Torn eyebrows
    We don’t know what went through his mind as to why he got those eyebrows. Her eyebrows look like a tattoo in spots, and it doesn’t do her any favors. I hope he understood just by looking at the picture.
  6. Hair tattoo
    We can’t tell if her eyebrows are extensions of her hair. A part of her hair seems to be misplaced.
  7. Square eyebrows
    We were speechless when we saw this lady wearing makeup. Not only did she overdo her make-up to make her look weird, but she also managed to make her eyebrows look ridiculous when she cut them square.
  8. Cat eyebrows
    This eyebrow is definitely based on a cat. You made this beautiful lady look like she could eat you at any moment. Not only did he make her look like a cat, but somehow she looked like a demon.
  9. Eyebrow flowers
    This type of eyebrows certainly looks funny. I guess he wanted to live in an era where eyebrows were replaced by tattoos.
  10. I plucked my eyebrows
    We can’t figure out what happened to her eyebrows, but it looks like she put tape on them and suddenly removed them.

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