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1) Wear the same bra for at least a week.

2) One bra every six weeks because it’s the only bra that fits a certain top and it should never be washed.

3) Even if you wear old bras that are the wrong size, you can’t bear to part with them.

4) Putting bras in the laundry basket and taking them out again as soon as you realize how uncomfortable the others are.

5) Checking your tampon after it’s inside you.

6) You’ll realize that “blood” is a very loose description of what menstruation is.

7) Wear protective sanitary napkins, as well as tampons.

8) Tuck the breast into the “wings” of the pad.

9) It’s a pleasure to dig out the stringy hair.

10) do a whole session where you can get every single shell.

11) Make hair art on the shower wall out of all the hair that falls out of your head.

12) Pulling out the hair stuck in the cracks of the ring feels so satisfying.

13) Turning your breasts in a totally unsexy way.

14) Have scissors that are only used for cutting hair.

15) Or just cut your hair with old scissors and hope no one notices.

16) You will also be amazed at how much you can trim and cut your hair while sitting on the toilet.

17) But you are afraid that you will accidentally cut something very important.

18) Taking off all your breasts and then freaking out over a bare vagina.

19) Remove all your puss and swear they’re hiding a whole extra belly roll.

20) Take off all your breasts and enjoy the ~ breeze ~.

21) Remove all your breasts because you look like a big baby and you will regret it immediately.

22) Own an old shirt that has actually worn a hole through the front of your pubes.

23) Wearing these old shirts and still making a ponytail through the holes.

24) I secretly think this is a really cool look.

25) Eating food that falls into the cracks.

26) Use your bra as a pocket because, to put it bluntly: Women’s jeans don’t need pockets at all.

27) Keeping something in your bra, forgetting it, only to remember it when you take it off that night.

28) Learning how to remove the top of your bra without taking it off.

29) Do this every time you come home from work.

30) Only shave your legs when you know you’re going to be on a show.

31) Then scrape only the visible parts.

32) Shaving your toes.

33) He forgets to shave his toes.

34) Slightly insulting, but also happy when you go for a lower leg wax when they do your toes without asking.

35) Play with your breasts in the mirror.

36) Wanting to harass them and take half-finished bras off your hands.

37) Push up on your chin and see what it looks like with an old fashioned corset.

38) Take them down and see what they look like when they hang more.

39) Making them lil dance.

40) Pulling nipple hair.

41) People around the stomach.

42) There is great pleasure in coming up with a point.

43) Also trying to release something that isn’t ready yet.

44) Scratch to make sure everything is fine, then sniff a little.

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