9 outfit mistakes that make you look older

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There are several ways to look older than we want. Everyone wants to feel good about themselves. Making the right choice about makeup and style is easier than you think. It means knowing what to avoid. Learn beauty and fashion mistakes that won’t make you look old. Follow these tips to prevent premature aging and maintain a fresh and youthful appearance.

  1. Wearing clothes that don’t fit you.
    Wearing clothes that are the wrong size, especially clothes that are too big, can make you look out of shape, gross, and older than your age. On the other hand, wearing clothes that fit you can shave years off your age and give you a youthful and fit look.

For plus-sized women, it’s easy to give in to the temptation to wear baggy clothes and hide your flaws. Wearing ill-fitting clothes is a fashion faux pas that doesn’t ruin your look or do you any justice. Embrace your curves and dress accordingly. For tips on how to dress for your body shape, visit the Cultured Curves blog titled “How to Determine Your Plus Size Body Shape to Find the Best Fit.”

  1. Wear an old fashioned trend or a trend designed for the younger set.
    Did you love your 70s matte eyeshadows? Couldn’t keep your feet warm in the 80s? That’s great, but the best place to wear them is in your photo album. A good rule of thumb is if you bucked a trend the first time, try to avoid it when it comes back!

As a compromise, if you really can’t give it up, try to find a more modern version of the outfit. For example, wear boots or baggy jeans instead of full bell bottoms.

  1. Be wary of new trends.
    I say “careful” because of course, not every new trend is body-friendly, especially plus-size bodies. As we get older, we tend to get stuck in trendy styles and don’t like to try new styles. Instead of ditching your entire wardrobe and buying all of the industry’s “must-haves,” baby steps, it’s helpful to include some hot accessories this fall. This decision will make you look younger and fresher without fooling people into thinking you’re in your 20s.
  2. Wearing expired shoes.
    Shoes that have provided comfort for years are worn past their expiration date. Although they may look great, wearing old, over-worn shoes can make you and your entire look look dated. Pay attention to how the shoes make your feet look. Low heels are comfortable and make your legs look attractive. For example, shoes with a low vamp give the appearance of longer, slimmer legs. Kitten heels create comfort and elegance.
  3. Neglecting to moisturize your skin.
    Dry and dull skin is a sign of aging. Investing in a good skin care routine is as important to your appearance as it is to your outfit. Stores like Sephora hire skilled skin care staff who don’t work by appointment to provide accurate advice tailored to your unique skin needs.
  4. Ignore your eyebrows
    Your face changes throughout your life, and so do your eyebrows. Eyebrows frame your entire face and should change to achieve symmetry and harmony. Eyebrows change over time, so think twice about permanent eyebrow makeup. If your brows are thinning a bit, fill them in with an eyebrow pencil a shade darker than your own. If a pencil feels too harsh, use an eyeshadow brush or an angled brush instead. Brands like Anastasia have stencils to keep you in shape. Looking for an affordable eyebrow pencil? Read the article Cultured Curves $6 Brow Pencil Perfects Thin Brows Over 50 Need to know the best way to use makeup brushes? Go to Cultured Curves, How To Use Makeup Brushes To Apply Makeup With Ease.

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