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Constipation isn’t something we talk about often, unless you’re with me… But it affects 25% of the population (and mostly women), which means many of us are suffering in silence (1). Most people think of constipation as just an annoying symptom, but it can be the root cause of other symptoms and conditions, such as fatigue, weight gain, and depression. I see 10 negative effects of constipation on the body (and mind) almost every day.

Constipation isn’t something we talk about often, unless you’re with me… But it affects 25% of the population (and mostly women), which means many of us are suffering in silence (1). Most people think of constipation as just an annoying symptom, but it can be the root cause of other symptoms and conditions, such as fatigue, weight gain, and depression. I see 10 negative effects of constipation on the body (and mind) almost every day.

Most people view constipation as a symptom, not the cause of a health problem. This is of course the case with many gastrointestinal conditions such as intestinal pathogens, leaky gut and food sensitivities, so you may want to get tested and find the root cause of your constipation – see HERE for more on these.

But constipation itself can be the underlying cause of other symptoms and conditions. Constipation can wreak havoc on your insides due to one of three main issues;

  1. Reabsorption of toxins in the large intestine, including excess hormones excreted in the stool (4).
  2. An imbalance of gut flora, including a reduction in healthy species and an overgrowth of unwanted bacteria and pathogens (5).
  3. Structural and physical effects of large solid stools and accompanying strain (6).

These mechanisms can cause a whole host of unwanted symptoms and side effects of the constipation you’re struggling with right now…


  1. Effects of Constipation on Fatigue
    Constipation and fatigue are closely related, and there is strong evidence for a link between the two (7). Constipation-induced dysbiosis increases the fermentation of carbohydrates and the production of various gases, including the super-perfume hydrogen sulfide, which disrupts the energy-producing mitochondria inside our cells (8, 9). A lack of healthy flora in the gut can reduce the absorption of nutrients needed for energy and normal physiological function (10, 11). Detoxifying toxins that can enter the bloodstream can affect energy levels and cause fatigue.
  2. Effects of constipation on weight gain
    Yes, bulking up can add a few pounds – anyone who’s had a colonic irrigation or enema can attest to that… But what about the “real” weight and fat storage type? Yes, too. Science is just beginning to understand how gut flora dysbiosis can lead to weight gain and obesity—but the link is definitely there (12). Hormonal imbalances, especially estrogen, are associated with obesity (13). So not clearing those excess estrogens and reabsorbing them back into your system may not be good for your waistline.
  3. Effects of constipation on the skin
    Another side effect of poisoning associated with constipation is acne and skin rashes. This happens when toxins and waste are reabsorbed through the colon and back into the bloodstream instead of being flushed out. These toxins are removed from the bloodstream through the skin, the body’s largest detoxification organ. Another mechanism by which constipation can affect the skin is through changes in gut bacteria. This study showed that 54% of acne patients significantly altered their gut flora, while probiotics (beneficial bacteria) reduced symptoms (14). It is clear that beauty starts from inside.
  4. The effect of constipation on SIBO
    Constipation is one of the most common risk factors and the most common cause of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) (15). This recently discovered disorder, in which colonic bacteria enter the small intestine where they don’t belong, is thought to account for up to 80% of IBS cases (16). The most common symptoms associated with SIBO are constipation, diarrhea, and excessive bloating, but it can also be associated with fatigue, weight gain, and many other issues discussed here (17).
  5. Effects of Constipation on Brittle Hair
    Malnutrition affects hair and nail growth (18, 19). As we know, the absence of healthy flora in the gut reduces the absorption of many nutrients needed for energy and growth (11). Reabsorbing excess toxins into the bloodstream is not good for your beauty
  6. ty regime, leaving you at risk of brittle nails and thinning hair. This may not seem as bad as some of the other side effects of constipation, but it can and does have an impact on our overall health and well-being.
  7. Effects of constipation on POOR IMMUNITY
    Our intestinal flora is responsible for much of the body’s immune response, including the removal of cell debris, viruses, bacteria, and cancerous cells (20). As constipation is often associated with missing or damaged bacteria (intestinal flora), the impact on your immune system can be significant. The toxic buildup and inflammation associated with constipation can also impair the immune system and leave you vulnerable to infections like urinary tract infections (UTIs) – here’s a post about how to heal a UTI naturally.
  8. Effects of constipation on ESTROGEN DOMINANCE
    Constipation can inhibit the excretion of unwanted estrogen from the body and promote its reabsorption (4). We are exposed to a lot of environmental sources of estrogens through toxins such as plastics, medications and hormones in the animal proteins we consume. This means that most people have excess estrogen coming into the body that needs to be excreted every day. If we are constipated, these excess estrogens can be re-absorbed in the colon and cause elevated estrogen levels, a condition also associated with allergies (21), weight gain (22) and fatigue (23).
  9. Effects of constipation on STRUCTURAL CONDITIONS
    Beyond functional and chronic diseases, constipation can also cause structural problems that may require surgical intervention. Straining during bowel movements and sitting on the toilet for extended periods can result in hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, and anal fissures. Gone are the days of visiting the loo with a magazine for entertainment.
  10. Hard stools and increased intra-abdominal pressure are thought to add extra pressure to the veins around the anus and increase the risk of hemorrhoids (24, 25). The connective tissue around the anus can also weaken, leading to rectal prolapse, a condition in which the rectum protrudes through the anus (26) – not a nice thing to happen to anyone. And, passing hard or large stools can cause anal fissures, which are small tears in the skin of the anus (6).
  11. Effects of constipation on FAECAL IMPACT
    Faecal impaction is the result of chronic or severe constipation and is basically a bowel obstruction caused by poop that has hardened in the colon to the point that it is causing a solid blockage (27). Liquid stool can bypass the impacted poop, causing overflow incontinence, often mistaken for diarrhea (28). In severe cases, faecal impaction can cause ulcers or bowel perforation. This is definitely one of the more severe side effects of constipation.
  12. Effects of constipation on ANXIETY and DEPRESSION
    Mood and anxiety disorders have long been scientific bedfellows with constipation and other gastrointestinal disorders (29). And while constipation is often thought to be the symptom, recent neuroscientific research has begun to show the importance of intestinal flora in the development of brain symptoms (30, 31). So, there’s even more reason you might be feeling low if you can’t go to the loo. And it’s these kinds of side effects of constipation that people aren’t often aware of that make a huge difference to our everyday lives.
  14. So, there you go – the side effects of constipation on the body are B.A.D. news! And if you have any of these constipation danger signs and symptoms, it has to go (PERMANENTLY) for you to enjoy good health and perfect poops in the future. As always, it is really important that you seek the root cause of your constipation, but in the meantime, if you want sure-fire strategies to help you clear out chronic constipation and get on top of some of these nasty side-effects, check out my free eGuide: CHRONIC CONSTIPATION CLEAR-OUT eGUIDE (below).
  15. Discover four strategies guaranteed to get things moving when everything else fails, including:
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  17. The quick-fix protocol to achieve a needed bowel movement within 24 hours
  18. 4 must-try supplements, and my favorite brands, that won’t waste your money
  19. Everything you need to know about a detoxing “C” Flush to make you feel less bloated and toxic
  20. These strategies are more than the usual, basic recommendations of “clean up the diet”, “drink more water” or “do more exercise”. These are clinical techniques that we use with our clients who have been struggling for years and they work!!

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