Push Your Nose Up for 10 Seconds and See What Happens

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A lot of people around the world spend tons of money on plastic surgery to get a perfectly shaped nose.

These surgeries are expensive and can have unexpected complications. Unfortunately, very few people know that a very simple exercise can change both the shape and length of the nose.

Life is life, and the human body can’t help but change as it ages. The bones, muscles, and cartilage of the face bear the brunt of aging. As a result, the shape of your face changes and your nose starts to look longer.

Fortunately, this exercise will not only shorten your nose, but also prevent the cartilage from deteriorating.

Place one of your index fingers on the tip of your nose. You can also press gently.

After that, use your nose to push your finger down. Repeat this movement for about a minute, no more than once a day.

Carol Nagy, creator of Face and Size, claims that this exercise will not only shorten your nose, but also lift the tip of the nose to make it look straighter.

There is another version of this exercise. Hold the bridge of the nose with your thumb and forefinger. Use the index finger of your other hand to push the tip of your nose. The main part of this exercise involves your upper lip. You have to use a little force to pull it down. After a few seconds, you can release it like this. The tip of the nose will repeatedly press the index finger. Repeat this movement 10-15 times and then relax.

Try to do this exercise as often as possible.

This set of exercises is suitable for people who often complain about the shape of their nose. Such exercises will help to sculpt this part of the body and make it look more elegant.

Press the side of your nose with your index finger and try not to use too much force when doing this. Another way to shape your nose is to press down on the side with your index finger and begin to wiggle your nostrils.

If you want to make your nose slimmer. This simple exercise will help you, it is a type of previous exercise.

First, make your mouth oval. Press your nostrils with your index finger, but don’t completely block the air to breathe through your nose.

Begin by taking deep breaths. Play your nostrils while doing this, if you want to see results quickly, repeat this exercise several times a day.

If you are not satisfied with sharpening your nose, try this exercise.

Place your thumb and forefinger on the side of your nose and start pushing your nose up with them. If you want to do this exercise correctly, you have to smile. For best results when doing this, repeat this movement 20-30 times a day. But when you smile and pull your toes up, you train and develop the muscles on the side of your nose. This will make the shape of the nose sharper and prevent it from drooping.

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